Powder Highway, Canada Road Trip

People say that once you enter the “Powder Triangle” located at the British Columbia, Canada, you’ll find thousands of reasons to enjoy! Tourists who visit this place find it so fascinating that they don’t want to return back and find it very hard to leave the place.

The drive on the Powder Highway offers the travellers with various inexpensive ski resorts and other places. The accommodation and the food here is very reasonably priced making it all the more attractive to tourists who want to enjoy the natural beauty for which Canada is known for.

The road trip starts from Kelowna, British Columbia and after crossing places like Kicking Horse Resort at Golden, RK Heli Skiing, Panorama, White water and Big Red Cats resort, one returns back to Kelowna. This is a journey, a trip that would make one enjoy the amazing natural scenic beauty that Canada is so famous for. With our car rental and campervan hire services, you can enjoy the Rocky Mountaineer trip that is very famous in Canada. With suitable and reliable car hire, the Powder highway road trip in Canada is something that would leave you bowled over and with lovely memories that would last for lifetime.

powder highway map