The Garden Route Road Trip, South Africa

Most people visit South Africa with the intention of setting on a road trip that witnesses the extremely beautiful landscapes of this region. One of the best road trips amongst these is “The Garden Route.” This route is sandwiched between the Indian Ocean on one side and the majestic mountains. This provides a constant view of the sea throughout the 150 mile long stretch. Sights of indigenous ancient forests, peaks, pristine lagoons and golden beaches are aspects that have earned this route it’s name. When you drive West, you will understand why you have missioned on this route when you experience the bend ahead of Wilderness. Series of lakes, beaches, rivers and estuaries set against lush backdrop of mountains; the Wilderness National Park presents a wonderland of astonishing aquatic environments and a paradise for bird watchers too.

The Golden Route with car & Campervan Rental services

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the garden route map