Car Rental services across USA

The USA is one of the major countries in the world having a vast geographical area. Needless to say, the country has endless number of places that one can explore in his lifetime. To help you discover and rediscover this wonderful country, OnRoadCar provides the best services in terms of car rental in USA.

With years of experience and a large fleet of vehicles to choose from, we make sure that we have everything covered up as and when you hit the road and travel through the length and breadth of the nation. For instance, you can hire our cars and travel to places such as Houston, LA, Chicago, Miami, New York, Washington D.C. or any other place of your choice. Even if you are a tourist or need a guest to be picked up and dropped from international and domestic airports, we can make suitable arrangements so that you and your guests can avail maximum comfort.

Explore USA the OnRoadCar Car Hire Services

The majestic West Coast

The West Coast is a medley of spectacular beaches, lush green forests and happening cities. It stretches along the Pacific Ocean. Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego or the Orange County are some of the must-see places in this area. Since you will be having your very own car rental USA service, you can enjoy each and every place at your own pace. Moreover, you can be a partaker in a number of activities on your trip. For instance, those of you who are interested in winery trips can explore Napa Valley or Santa Barbara that are well-known for the same. You can also enjoy a ride up in the air in a hot air balloon here. To satiate your adrenaline rush, go for whitewater rafting in various rivers that flow in the West Coast.

The mesmerizing East Coast

A perfect start to your adventures in the East Coast starts at New York City or the Big Apple. The city itself has a number of famous sightseeing places for you to check out. Also, head towards Florida and you will find that there is no shortage of beaches, or amusement parks as well as beautiful forests. Travel south and you can visit Independence hall in Pennsylvania. The country’s capital Washington D.C is also located in the east coast and you can explore the same. Even the world famous Niagra Falls and Appalachian Mountains are located in this part of the country.

All in all the country consists of many places including the National Parks that you can explore by creating your own itinerary and car hire USA from a reputed firm like ours.

Rules & Regulations to consider while driving in the USA

  • To drive in the USA, you need to have a valid driver’s license
  • Drive on the right side of the road
  • Do not use mobile phones to text or call while driving
  • Keep some spare change handy for Toll Roads
  • Wear seatbelt while driving compulsorily
  • Learn about different speed limit laws for the state where you would be driving in
  • If you have children traveling with you, make it a point to get the correct child seat