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When you say Canada, the two most beautiful and magnificent words that come to the mind are culture and adventure. Yes, Canada is known for these two beautifully diverse words which when combined make your travel absolutely interesting. Canada plays host to a beautiful array of natural wonders including the world famous Niagara Falls. Apart from the natural wonders, Canada is known to possess a lot of manmade attractions like the CN Tower, Quebec City and others. In case you are interested in studying a diverse culture, or love indulging in adventure sports, you should travel to Canada.

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Go Canada Road Trips with OnRoadCar

Road trips are the most amazing part of any journey. In case you are traveling to Canada, here are the famous five road trips that will indulge your senses and make you all alive with your car rental or hire.

Vancouver to Tofino, British Columbia: This is one road trip that you should not miss out on! This is the path of nature where you would get the mind blowing view of mountains, lakes, coast, and the temperate rainforests of Canada. The forest consisting of Douglas Fir Trees which are close to 800 years old will also fall in your way to Tofino. If you are in for some amazing adventure spots, you should try storm watching in Ucleulet or go for some whale watching tours along your path. In case you are not from Vancouver, car hire Canada is also a good deal for you.

Calgary to Lake Louise, Alberta: Another absolutely divine and cultural road trip that takes a complete four days to complete! Make sure you have set your four days aside for this trip. To enjoy the breathtaking sunsets and sunrises in Lake Louise will take away a whole day of yours in this trip. The sulphur mountains, Banff Springs, and the historic destinations of Calgary include the other three days of your trip. Make sure to take this natural cum historic road trip with car hire Canada.

The Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Nova Scotia: This is the number one road trip according to some travel and leisure magazines. This road trip is one where you would indulge in sports while lazing around for a pack of your time. Stunning views comprise a whole load of your trip. For the other part, you can indulge in some golf along the top notch golf courses that come along your way towards this trip. This trip is best known for its spectacular views, and the light adventure or sport activities like swimming, horseback ride, fishing etc. that you can indulge in.

Stratford, Ontario: In case you have heard of the Stratford festival, you know where to take your next roadtrip to. The best getaway or road trip during the weekends is driving off to Stratford. Apart from the music fest, you will find this place to serve you with high class food, good wine and an exquisite shopping experience. The ideal time to visit is the music festival when you can hear all sorts of music live, from jazz to classical.

Squamish to Whistler B.C.: A two hour car rental drive filled with nature’s true beauty. The Coast Mountains and the Howe sound make up for an excellent road trip along this route. You will also be taking a cultural and historic journey along this route as you pass the First Nation’s history which marks this route. There is a whole lot of cultural significance placed along this route. A must travel route while you are indulging in a road trip in Canada.

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