Switzerland Car Hire – Your Travel Dream Come True

Not so many countries in the world can compete with the incredible nature’s beauty and captivating charm of Switzerland. This landlocked country of Western Europe is home to stunning hills, spectacular lakes and landscapes, and breathtaking mountains. Though not as big as other trendiest travel destinations of the world, this fascinating European country features a great wealth of nature’s wonders and cultural delights.

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Bordered by Germany, France, Italy and Austria, Switzerland reflects a great diversity in its culture, dialects, weather and landscapes. Our travel experts can help you plan a road trip that best suits your taste. So, are you set for a trip like never before?

We have our depots in major cities, including Zurich, Basel, Geneva, and in major airports across the country. Regardless of what time of the year you plan to arrive in Switzerland, a rental car from OnRoadCar is certainly the best way to experience the touristy pleasure of this tiny landmass.
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Most Scenic Road Trips in Switzerland

No matter where you drive in Switzerland with your rental car, you are bound to be accompanied by gentle hills, beautiful open plains and picturesque lakes.

Here are some of the most recommended car drives in Switzerland.

St. Gotthard Pass Road: This 35 miles impeccable journey offers a whole bunch of panoramic views on high altitudes. The 10 mile long tunnel on this route let travelers drive this itinerary throughout the year. Book your car hire in Switzerland and hit the road to the inspiring cultural diversity.

St. Bernard Pass Road: Want to see the most fascinating of alpine Europe? Drive the road over the Great St. Bernard Pass, a major commerce and holy gateway of Roman era. Hit the road in French-speaking Martigny and head towards the Italian-speaking San Bernardino. This 35 miles epic road trip will make you swim in the lap of the nature. Get set with your car hire!

Bernina Pass Road: This 2 hour drive (34 miles) begins in St. Moritz and ends in Tirano. A vital commerce route of Middle Ages, the road over Bernina Pass is winding and exciting. You may navigate through this itinerary year-round except the harsh winters when the snow may close the pass. However, the views are really enthralling and are best soaked up by our car rental.

Furka Pass Road: This 20 miles long stretch will take you from a German-speaking Switzerland to an Italian-speaking one such that you will fall in intense love with the amazing biodiversity of nature the country has. The major highlights of this itinerary include the frozen glaciers and the heart-stopping scenery. Drive your rental car on the road over the Furka Pass and let the nature’s wonders touch your soul.

Doesn’t matter what makes it a perfect holiday tour for you. Our car hire service in Switzerland can make your holiday dream come true. With our car rentals, you can drive long routes in short times across this tiny, picture-perfect country.

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