France Car Hire – Drive through Rich Nature & History

Does history manage to lure you? Do you love walking the path of culture? Does nature happen to intrigue you? In case the answers to all the questions asked is yes, then you should definitely embrace the pathways of France and travel this country from the north to the south and the east to the west by hiring car. The scenic views, the beating battles of history, the amazing French cuisine and the awesome French culture are all the best reasons to join the French brigade on a trip across these landscapes.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and set out on a French journey with car hire.

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Amazing Road Trips in France with OnRoadCar

In case you are planning to take in the breath taking locales of France while you are touring around this region, you should know the best road trips along this route. You can always indulge in car rental & hire in France to take you on this amazing tour across the land.

Montpellier to Nice: This one is known to be a splendid route along the southern tip of France. If you wish to catch a glimpse of the beach with a shore for the history, you should take this trip ideally with your car hire. You will see beautiful vineyards lying along this route, beautifying the trip for you. Along the route are small seaside villages known for their picturesque views and amazing cuisine.

Bordeaux to Biarritz: Yet another splendid car rental road trip known for the beaches and the boozes made available along the route. This route possesses Europe’s longest and the most amazing beach which is definitely going to intrigue you. There are various religious pilgrimages which deserve one visit at least along this route. The famous Guggenheim museum falls along this route.

Paris to Rouen: This has been regarded as an epic road trip that begins and ends with Paris with brief halts at Chartres, Le Mans, Rennes, Caen, and Rouen. Right from the fashion city to the heritage city you get to see everything that is possibly amazing during this road trip. You should take this road trip with hired car just for the oxymorons along the route in the form of diversified cities that you get to observe.

Napoleon’s Road Trip: This road trip is quite famous in the history of France. This trip began from the Alps and ended with the French Riviera. This is the most beautiful and historic road trip, and one should not miss out on it at any cost.

South France through Provence: This car hire road trip begins and ends with Montpellier. You get to see the amazing vineyards lying along the Salon de Provence which are absolutely amazing. You get to walk through Pont Du Gard which is considered to be one of the most spectacular sights in this region. You also get to pass through lavender fields which are breathtaking.

Get your backpacks ready and indulge in car hire France to enjoy the most amazing road trip and tourist destination through France.