Bollenstreek Route Car Hire & Campervan Rental Road Trip

If you wish to experience the best of a road trip to Netherlands, then go for the Bollenstreek Route. Netherlands has now become synonymous to the tulips i.e. a beautiful flower which is not endemic to this country. Bollenstreek Route, is popularly known as Flower Route that begins from Haarlem, centre of “tulip craze”. It is recommended to start your trip in the month of April or in May, when these tulips are in full-bloom. The section between Haarlem to Leiden offers massive concentration of stunning blooms in the season of spring. Haarlem is considered as the capital of the world, when it comes to stunning tulips.

So, this year if you wish to admire the beauty of nature and you love watching flowers set beautifully against the amazingly blue sky, then plan for a road trip to Netherlands by taking Bollenstreek Route. Before planning for a road trip, looking for car & campervan rental is very important, as they the best way to make this trip more exciting and relaxing. It feels great, as the tulips are placed in alternating colour strips, so when you look outside the car’s window, it looks like somebody has laid colourful ribbon strips in the massive field!