Big Sur (Pacific Coast Highway) Car Hire & Campervan Rental Trip

One of the most loved and better known driving destinations in America, the Big Sur or the Pacific Coast Highway is a beautiful road to drive on. This is a road trip that honeymooners tend to take as the road is very scenic with some mind blowing natural scenic spots that would take your breath away. The road is known for some really good places for stopping over that provide you with reasonably priced food and accommodation.

The road is also known as the California State Route 1, this road was built in the year 1934 and after 15 years it was finally open for the common people. The road covers most parts of the Californian coast line and runs for a good 550 miles meaning that one can just go on and on and on this road. With a hired car or campervan, try driving from north to south as this is known as the one with more ideal locations and has the coastline running just below you! All you need is a nice convertible vehicle rented from a reliable company, so that you can get that feeling of wind on your hair, and some good company along with soothing music.Book campervan rental and car hire services from OnRoadcar, and enjoy self-drive tour of Pacific coast.

BigSur map